Seed specialists for farmers

Based at Thriplow near Cambridge, KWS UK has been providing growers with innovative new varieties to meet varied end-market needs for over 25 years.

We develop a wide range of oilseed rape, maize, sugar beet and cereal varieties in conjunction with the KWS group. We use a range of technologies to ensure improved consistency in crop performance to benefit all; merchant, farmer, processor and ultimately end-user customer.

Higher yields, superior disease and pest resistance and improved performance in adverse conditions are all key
criteria we seek to establish in our product portfolio.

KWS is widely recognised as one of the leading maize, sugar beet and cereal breeders in the world and operates in about 70 countries. The KWS Group has a worldwide seeds turnover of over €750 million and employs nearly 3,500 people.

Most importantly, the KWS Group reinvests 15% of its annual turnover in breeding and research and this ensures the continuing pipeline of innovative new varieties.

KWS UK has strong European links within the KWS Group, and also with other breeders for whom we act as a route to the UK market.

Growers anywhere across Europe can be assured that whatever KWS UK oilseed rape, maize, sugar beet or cereal they select, it has been developed using the same professional competences applied across all our breeding teams. It will be a variety that is one of the most reliable, innovative and market-leading selections available, tailored and tested for the conditions and regions they farm.

Three Ultra-Early Maize Varieties Add to Growing Market Sector

KWS UK launched three new ultra-early maize varieties at UK Dairy Day all of which push yields higher in this growing market segment.

According to KWS UK maize manager, Rob Hunt, around seven in every ten fields are now down to ultra-early varieties.

New Eyespot Ratings Provide Useful Guide to Growing Disease Risks

Farmers concerned about the growing threat of eyespot in maize have new data on varietal tolerance they can use to help reduce disease risks.

The information, produced for the British Society of Plant Breeders (BSPB) by NIAB, is featured for the first time on the UK Descriptive List and shows some big differences between major maize varieties.

Maize Investment Helps Improve Crop Consistency

UK growers are set to gain from the early introduction of more consistent maize varieties as a result of a major investment in breeding and seed production activities.

That’s the claim of KWS which, on the back of a 15% growth in sales across Europe over the last two years, is ploughing money back into better testing and processing facilities.

Record Maize Yields on the Cards

UK maize growers have crops that look set to break yield records; all we need now is adequate moisture and a continued run of days with high heat units.

That’s the view of KWS UK maize manager, John Burgess who says that average accumulated heat unit figures were around 20-35% higher that the ten year mean at the end of July.