KWS Infinity Lifts Two-Row Yields

December 2014

KWS Infinity becomes the highest yielding two-row on the UK Recommended List.

At 105% of controls nationwide, it is 1% higher yielding than current market leaders, KWS Tower and KWS Glacier, offering consistent yields across all regions.

Over the three years it has been in trials, yields have varied by just 4% from the mean and KWS Infinity does equally well in light and heavy land situations where it is joint top 2-row at 106% of controls.

KWS Infinity’s potential to cope in a wide range of situations has also been seen on the continent. Mirroring UK trials, it has performed well in varying conditions in Germany, France and Ireland and looks set to become a major pan-European barley.

According to KWS barley breeder, David Harrap, KWS Infinity – which is a Cassia x Retriever cross - is the top yielding two-row after three years of German trials by 5% and is already being commercialised.† “Also, the French would take every grain we could give them,” he says.

Agronomically, KWS Infinity has strong standing power, similar to KWS Tower.† It’s resistance to lodging in Recommended List trials is rated 7 and it also has very good resistance to brackling, ahead of both Glacier and Tower. KWS Infinity is relatively early to ripen – a day ahead of Cassata.

KWS Infinity has good resistance to the wet weather diseases.† It is scored 6 for Rhynchosporium, that is better than Glacier and Tower, and Mr Harrap suggests that its net blotch rating of 5 probably underestimates its resistance to this disease.

“In inoculated trials by NIAB TAG, last year, KWS Infinity was the best variety for net blotch and we know that Europe-wide, as far east as the Czech Republic, its resistance is better than its UK rating,” he says.† Its main weakness is mildew which, like KWS Glacier, will need targeting.

“KWS Infinity has large grain - like Tower - and this is why its specific weights are a point down on Cassia and KWS Glacier, but it is most certainly not a thin-grained barley.

“Looking at the complete package for the UK, there doesn’t seem to be an area of country where KWS Infinity doesn’t perform, so we would expect strong demand this autumn,” he says.

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KWS Infinity

KWS Infinity is one of those barleys that can cope in a wide range of situations, producing consistent yields wherever it is grown. It’s got strong standing power, similar to KWS Tower, very good resistance to brackling and is relatively early to ripen – a day ahead of Cassata.