Highest Yielding Conventional Six-Row

December 2014

Daxor joins the new HGCA Recommended List for 2015/16 as the highest yielding conventional six-row.

At 105% of controls it is only beaten by one other variety - the six-row hybrid Volume – and then by just 2%.

Its best performance is in the Northern region, where, in harsh conditions it outyields the only recommended hybrid by 1%.

According to KWS product development manager, John Miles, Daxor is early maturing, has medium length, very stiff straw,

“It is stiffer than Meridian, stands 7cm shorter than Volume in the field; characteristics that will help it find favour in traditional six-row regions such as Scotland,” he says.

Mr Miles describes Daxor’s grain quality as akin to current, leading 6-row conventional, KWS Meridian.† “It is large grained – which doesn’t help its specific weight score – but this will suit those looking for a bold variety for stock feed.

“Brown rust and Rhynchosporium ratings of 6 are the stand out disease resistance scores and Daxor has one of the highest untreated yields for a barley, only beaten by fellow six-row conventional Meridian.

“This could also help in northern conditions where, with fewer available spray days, fungicide timing can often be compromised,” suggests John.

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Early maturing, with medium length and very stiff straw, Daxor will find favour in traditional six-row regions.