Two KWS Wheats Make RL – Cashel for Milling – Twister Top Yielder For North

December 2013

KWS UK has two new wheats on the recently announced 2014/15 HGCA Recommended List.†

KWS Cashel is a high yielding breadmaking wheat which has been recommended for its special milling qualities.†

The second wheat, Twister, yields at 108% of controls and has export potential.† It becomes the highest yielding Group 4 soft wheat for the northern region.

According to KWS commercial manager, Julie Goult, KWS Cashel is an early maturing, awned, Soissons cross.

“It has attracted strong interest from UK millers because of its very strong gluten which mean it could well suit specialist uses.

In addition, with a UK yield of 97% of controls KWS Cashel is higher yielding than Gallant and Solstice and has very good physical grain quality,” she says†

KWS Cashel is backed by some exceptional disease resistance ratings to both rusts and mildew, all top ranked at 9, and the highest rating for fusarium resistance of any recommended list breadmaker.†

As a medium height (85cm) stiff strawed wheat, with 8 ratings for standing power with and without PGRs, it should suit most farming situations.

Northern Promise

Twister, in comparison is all about soft wheat yield.† †It is an Istabraq x Robigus cross from French breeder Momont and is top yielder in the Northern region, 1% ahead of last year’s leading variety Leeds.

An OWBM resistant variety, Twister excels on light land at 106% of controls, and does equally well as a first and second wheat, providing drilling position flexibility.

“Twister is backed by a good set of disease resistance ratings, including a strong 6 rating for eyespot,” says Ms Goult.

“With above average length straw and an 8 for lodging with PGRs and a 7 without growth regulators, it stands well and will also deliver strong straw yields.

“Like Leeds, it is 2 days earlier maturing than Solstice and so is well suited to the more difficult conditions in northern Britain and Scotland where it will sit well alongside Leeds,” she suggests.