High Yielding Spring Barleys Have Malting Promise

December 2013

Two varieties from KWS have been added to the spring barley RL, both have potential for malting.†

The front runner is KWS Irina, which at 109% of controls is very high yielding and which has already been launched to the maltsters and brewers across Europe.

The second, KWS Aurelia, with a yield of 107% of controls, is also successfully through to the next stage of malting trials, the IBD decision on its industry acceptability is expected after harvest 2014.

According to KWS supply-chain manager, Kirsty Richards KWS Irina’s results in UK micro-malting trials look promising. †

“It has good hot water extract and high enzyme activity and delivers good specific weights and low screenings in the malt house,” she confirms.

“But it is the variety’s potential to deliver a high gross margin on-farm, which makes KWS Irina of real interest.† †“Yielding 5% above Propino and 9% ahead of Concerto, KWS Irina could take malting barley yields to a new level,” suggests Dr Richards.

“As a brewing only variety, KWS Irina is ideally suited for growers in the Eastern and Southern areas of the UK; offering excellent gross margins after roots, or being used as a crop management tool in the rotation after wheat, or serving the export market.

“At 70cm height it is relatively short and a day earlier to ripen than Optic with the second lowest brackling score in RL trials.”

“It has no disease weaknesses, and is rated 8 for mildew and 7 for Ramularia, so should find favour on farm, if its malting market potential is confirmed,” says Dr Richards.