'Dynamic' Lili Looks Set to Deliver Yield Plus Added-Value

December 2014

KWS Lili becomes the highest yielding breadmaking wheat on the new HGCA Recommended List for 2015/16.

However, with a national yield of 105% of controls which is on a par with KWS Santiago, the variety will also find a home on farm as a major new barnfiller.

Typifying those wheats within the recently coined ‘Dynamic Wheat’ category, KWS sees the variety offering growers some of the highest margins possible on UK farms.

“Combining great physical grain quality as well as high yields, growers will find it opens doors to a wider range of market options than most other wheats,” says commercial director, Andrew Newby.

“Add to this robust agronomics – including one of the best combinations of standing ability and disease resistance - and KWS Lili will provide a valuable management tool on farm.”

“The millers will want it; it ticks their boxes for Hagberg and spec weight and, while being on the lower end of their specifications for protein, it has produced good loaf volumes at these levels.

“In addition, it is perfect for growing for low grade milling wheat exports based on the 11.5% protein contracts that key markets are after and with the right P/L characteristics it is positive for ukp cargoes,” he says.

Mr Newby points out that growers can choose to plant KWS Lili and have a choice of markets to target.† “If you were to ask a farmer to define a perfect wheat variety, he would probably say it would be one with a very high yield, excellent disease resistance and agronomy and the opportunity for adding value,” he says.† “That’s exactly what dynamic wheats such as KWS Lili provide.”

†Winter wheat breeder, Mark Dodds points out that RL data gives KWS Lili a 106% yield on both light and heavy soils and puts it at 105% of the control mean across every region, north, south and east.

“It is a consistent performer and has exceptional resistance to most diseases including a solid 6-rating for Septoria tritici plus a 9 for mildew and 7 for yellow rust,” he points out.

“KWS Lili is short and stiff, standing well in the field, with a rating of 8 for lodging with PGRs.† It is a mid-maturity variety just two days behind Solstice.

“We see it primarily as a high yielding first wheat for mainstream drilling slots.† In our trials, KWS Lili is a relatively high tillering variety suiting most situations.”

RL data also shows that it has potential in the later drilled slot.† “Here, in the HGCA’s later drilled trials series, KWS Lili produced yields that were 9% ahead of controls,” says Mark Dodds.

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KWS Lili

KWS Lili is the highest yielding breadmaking wheat on the new HGCA Recommended List for 2015/16.