New Conventional Oilseed Rape Charges onto RL in Top Slot

December 2013

New winter oilseed rape Charger has become the highest gross output conventional variety on the new 2014/15, East/West Region Recommended List.

At 105% of controls, it has a gross output that is 3% ahead of last year’s best conventional oilseed rape.†

That’s a performance which gives it almost 0.3t/ha advantage over controls – worth around £100 more across every hectare.

With a gross output on a par with the best that any hybrid can offer, including all new recommendations, Charger offers growers some of the best returns possible.

According to KWS UK oilseed rape manager, Tom Dummett, the variety always looked to be an outstanding prospect and has secured a table-topping performance after three strong years of trials.

“At this time of the year, right through to the spring it really stands out, with excellent vigour,” he says.

“It has exceptionally strong autumn growth and an erect habit, which means it can make the most of conventional drill timings, but at the same time can cope with later drilling, bringing sowing date flexibility on farm.

“With the exception of the semi-dwarf hybrids, Charger is one of the shortest varieties on the UK Recommended List.

“As a result it produces a low biomass type canopy in the spring and summer and this, along with its unbeatable combination of ratings for stem stiffness and lodging, 9 and 8 respectively, give security on farm.

“Charger also has reasonably early maturity which, when backed by its excellent canopy, means it should stand well across a wide range of summer conditions and still be easy to combine,” he suggests.

Mr Dummett points out that with a 4 for light leaf spot and a [4] for stem canker, Charger will be a high input, high output potential variety, but trials show that it clearly delivers very strong gross margins on farm.

Charger is already being widely grown on UK farms having been selected, and sold through United Oilseeds last summer.