Hybrid Rye for Biogas

  • Very high yields: typically 35 – 50 tonnes/ha fresh weight (FW)
  • Gas yields similar to maize – up to 200 m3/t FW
  • Extreme winter hardiness
  • Effective tool against black-grass
  • POLLENPLUS® for maximum pollen production

The UK’s leading hybrid rye, KWS Magnifico has set the benchmark for yield, agronomy and field performance right across the UK.

KWS Magnifico has very good straw strength and thickness with good standing ability which means its easy to grow with a simple PGR programme. A robust fungicide programme targeting brown rust is essential to keep the variety disease free and retain green leaf area.

KWS Magnifico has a strong tillering ability and is proven to be very competitive against black-grass reducing the total seed return and viability of the weed seeds. Tillering potential declines with later drilling and higher seed rates are recommended from mid October onwards.

Product Information