Hybrid Rye for Biogas

  • Very high fresh weight yields – 35 to 50 t/ha
  • Gas yields similar to maize – up to 200 m3/t FW
  • Effective tool against black-grass
  • POLLENPLUS® for maximum pollen production
  • Contains 100% Hybrid seed – no addition of conventional rye

KWS Progas is a step forward in biomass production for UK growers. A perfect combination of thick stems, plant density and yield that rewards attention to detail from growers.

KWS Progas has good straw strength and decent standing ability, although with its high biomass potential, a robust and well timed PGR programme is advised.

Under UK conditions in a high disease pressure year for brown rust, KWS Progas requires a targeted fungicide programme to keep disease levels in the variety low and retain green leaf area.

Inherent strong tillering and rapid spring development make KWS Progas competitive against black-grass
KWS Progas at wholecrop maturity shows a 1 – 2% higher dry matter in trials than most other KWS hybrid rye varieties, equivalent to maturity 1 to 2 days earlier.

Product Information