Biogas Feedstock Calculator

KWS has been working within the European biogas industry for over 15 years.† We recognise that to get the best out of any biogas facility plant operators need a mix of feedstocks that maximise gas output.

This calculator is designed to help those planning or operating biogas facilities to assess the relative performance of a range of crops within the digester.

How to use the Biogas Feedstock Calculator

  • To calculate methane yield/crop

[1]† ††††† Select a crop from the four tabbed options

[2] †††††† Key in an expected or actual yield and DM content

[3] †††††† Click on the ‘calculate’ button to reveal an estimate of the Methane Yield per t DM†and also Methane Yield/ha you are likely to secure from that specific crop

  • To calculate electrical generation and income/cropped ha

[4]††††††† Based on your biogas plant type and its relative performance, key in the % efficiency of your methane generation system

[5]††††††† Use the sliding scale to record the Tariff Rate – including the FIT and RHI value in†pence/kWh

[6]††††††† Click on the ‘calculate’ button again, to assess the value of electricity that this specific†crop is likely to generate

Figures are based upon recorded achieved values of gaseous outputs for a range of feedstocks of different DM contents.

The crops selected – maize, energy beet, hybrid rye and grass – are those which from experience are the most suitable feedstocks for UK conditions.

The calculator allows the user to interrogate a range of possible feedstock options for the UK and gain an indication of the likely gaseous yield for a mix of crops across a set cropped area.

At the same time, it gives the biogas plant manager an opportunity to model the output and methane and electrical returns from his cropped area, based on the efficiency of his biodigestion and electrical generation system.

For more details on the relative performance of different crops in the rotation in UK conditions, KWS UK has produced a handy guide entitled, Biogas in Practice: Energy Crops Home

Calculator for Biogas