Firth, the most popular spring oat in the UK with a large share of the market, its very high kernel content and low screenings make it a popular variety with both buyers and end users.

  • Very high yielding

  • Best available resistance to mildew

  • One of the highest kernel contents

  • Shortest strawed recommended spring oat available

With short, very stiff straw, Firth is a variety which suits growers in all regions of the UK. Combined with very early maturity, Firth has demonstrated it is ideally suited to the north of England and Scotland.


Firth is suitable for all soil types. Seed rates should be calculated to achieve a plant population of around 250 plants per metre square.


Firth has high yield potential and its short stiff straw enables the use of high rate nitrogen strategies that will maximise yield to be adopted.

Growth Regulator

Growth regulators may not be required but a routine application of chlormequat at GS 31-32 should be considered in situations of very high fertility. Where appropriate, consult with the expected end market buyer to ensure use of chlormequat is allowed.

Disease resistance

An excellent resistance to mildew and good crown rust resistance add to the already strong package Firth offers the grower.

Firth has robust disease resistance and can be grown under a low fungicide regime. Specific mildew treatments are unlikely to be cost effective. However, the variety does also give a good response to high input strategies.

Yield Kernel Content Sp. Wt Lodging Height Mildew
Firth 98 78.3 53.0 6 102 7

Data source: HGCA Recommended List for Oats, 2012/13