The seed with speed!

  • Very high gross output UK recommended variety
  • Extremely vigorous autumn growth
  • Most widely sown conventional variety in 2015
  • Twin 8s for lodging and stem stiffness
  • Strong performance at known verticillium wilt sites

Campus was identified pre- national listing for its exceptional vigour and was the most widely sown conventional variety in 2015.

Campus has good disease scores with a 6 for light leaf spot and a 5 for stem canker, so suits all regions, giving a good level of resistance to both major diseases. It also appears to do well in trials where verticillium wilt is an issue – for example, at the two official trials where the disease was seen  in 2014, it was always in the top three for gross output.

Data Source: AHDB Recommended List, Winter OSR, North, East/West 2016/17

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