High Yielding Hybrid HEAR

  • High gross output
  • Outstanding oil and erucic acid content
  • Excellent stem stiffness and resistance to lodging
  • Early to flower and early to mature – like Castille

Eraton takes HEAR outputs to a higher level offering a gross output 7% ahead of HEAR hybrid pioneer, Marcant, in comparative trials.

Eraton has an exceptional oil yield. At 47.3% in trials, no other variety comes near it.

So, when you factor in the premiums on offer,  Eraton provides an excellent gross margin.

Eraton combines hybrid vigour with an easily managed canopy. In addition it offers superb standing power  and resistance to lodging, as well as being shorter than other HEAR varieties. 

It is early maturing and early flowering providing an excellent entry for the following wheat crop.

Product Information