Most widely grown HEAR variety

  • Very high yielding hybrid
  • Agronomically robust

As the highest gross output HEAR variety in trials, Palmedor offers very high HEAR outputs. Indeed, in Frontier Agriculture trials, Palmedor has broken the 5t/ha barrier producing a 5.25t/ha gross output.

Add to this exceptional oil and very high erucic acid contents and Palmedor produces a very strong erucic acid yield, significantly improving industrial output. As a hybrid, Palmedor is quick to establish and grow in the spring to make the most of field conditions. It is a medium height variety and has excellent stem stiffness characteristics and lodging resistance.

Palmedor has moderate ratings for both light leaf spot and stem canker and will suit the mainstream oilseed rape growing areas where both diseases are an issue.

With medium flowering and relatively early maturity, Palmedor has a long pod-fill period, with low early season risk of frost damage and an early harvest. Being agronomically robust, it is a variety you can push hard for high yields and at the same time reap the rewards of the HEAR market.

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