KWS Infinity

  • Joint highest yielding two-row
  • Big bold two-row grain quality
  • Consistent across soil types and regions
  • Pan-European barley
  • Excellent wet weather disease resistance

KWS Infinity is one of those barleys that can cope in a wide range of situations, producing consistent yields wherever it is grown. It’s got strong standing power, similar to KWS Tower, very good resistance to brackling and is relatively early to ripen – a day ahead of Cassata.

KWS Infinity has good resistance to the wet weather diseases and its 6 for Rhynchosporium, is better than that of KWS Glacier. We feel that its net blotch rating of 5 probably underestimates its resistance to this disease.

KWS Infinity has large grain – like KWS Tower - and this is why its specific weights are a point down on KWS Cassia and KWS Glacier.

Data Source: AHDB Recommended List, Winter barley 2016/17

*Resistant to BaYMV strain 1

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