Over 10 years of exceptional breadmaking pedigree

  • Incredibly popular milling variety
  • Consistently high Hagberg
  • Excellent specific weight
  • Good N-converter, high proteins
  • First in the barn, easy to combine, ideal second wheat
  • Superb entry for oilseed rape

With more than a ten year breadmaking pedigree, Cordiale remains highly popular, often securing farm prices that are just behind those of Group 1s.

With early maturity, it has been a milling industry life-saver in wet harvest seasons. At the same time it provides growers with an early entry for the oilseed rape crop and is a great second wheat.

Testament to its robust nature –Cordiale’s agronomics have changed little from when it was introduced. For example, it is still the shortest strawed milling wheat and not one of its disease resistance ratings have changed by more than a point since 2005.

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