KWS Gator

Second wheat with real bite

  • First choice, true second wheat
  • Performs well on light land
  • Twin 8s for standing
  • 8 rating for yellow rust
  • Orange Wheat Blossom Midge Resistant

KWS Gator is a true second wheat and should be the variety of choice in this drilling slot where its aggressive, competitive nature comes to the fore. It has moderate winter dormancy and great tillering ability and tiller retention. Combine this with big, bold grain and strong straw, and KWS Gator delivers in this difficult rotational position.

KWS Gator is particularly good in the north - where it is the second wheat of choice - as well as on light land. Its 8 rating for yellow rust is genuine and robust and this makes it an ideal selection alongside other wheats with known weaknesses to this disease.

Data Source: AHDB Recommended List, Winter wheat 2016/17

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