KWS Trinity

The breadmaker

  • Established Group 1 breadmaker
  • Joint highest yielding Group 1
  • Exceptional HFN, good protein and sprouting resistance
  • Strong all round disease package; mildew (9), yellow rust (9), brown rust (8)
  • Relatively early maturity and good second wheat performance

KWS Trinity is the Group 1 offering from the KWS Dynamic Wheat portfolio, offering high yields and excellent quality, helping farmers maximise the marketing options for their crop.

With good gluten quality even at lower protein levels and good baking performance KWS Trinity regularly delivers loaves with good structure and excellent texture, resilience, softness and crumb strength.

RL data shows that KWS Trinity will suit all regions of the UK on light and heavy land, and is the highest yielding Group 1 in North Region trials. With a Grafton and Einstein pedigree it should come as no surprise that it looks to perform well as a second wheat.

In official trials, KWS Trinity has produced superb Hagbergs (332), unbeaten by any recommended milling wheat and a good specific weight of 77.3kg/hl. Its 11.4% protein is on the low side, which reflects its high yield potential delivered under a feed protocol.

Product Information