KWS Crispin

The fast developer with excellent disease resistance

  • A clean ‘cheap to grow’ variety with good physical grain quality
  • Vigorous growth; quick to reach stage 31 when November sown
  • Medium height and maturity
  • Conqueror type; excellent choice in the late sown slot

KWS Crispin is a high yielding Group 4 with good physical grain quality and exceptional disease resistance characteristics. Resistance scores include maximum ratings for yellow rust and mildew.

It is a vigorous variety that has performed equally well in the East, and West and has the second highest untreated yield on the RL after KWS Siskin. With Conqueror in its parentage it is no surprise that it performs well in the late drilled slot.

It is medium height and medium maturing. KWS Crispin benefits from OWBM resistance.

Data Source: AHDB Recommended List, Winter wheat 2016/17

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