KWS Siskin

There's no wheat that's more dynamic

  • Group 2 rated positive for ukp
  • Excellent disease resistance; best score on the RL for Septoria tritici
  • Superb physical grain quality
  • Consistent across regions

KWS Siskin is the equal second highest yielding variety on the current Recommended List, even though it is a Group 2 with a better Hagberg than the market leading Group 1 variety combined with a strong protein of 11.3%; opening up multiple end use markets – KWS Siskin is rated positive for ukp.

At 106% controls in the East, not even the true high yielding feeds can beat it in the wheat heartland of the UK. As well as having the highest untreated yield on the RL, KWS Siskin has the best Septoria tritici score on the list and twin 9s for mildew and yellow rust highlighting the disease profile farmers can expect from KWS Dynamic Wheats.

Data Source: AHDB Recommended List, Winter wheat 2016/17

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