Energy Crops from KWS

Across Europe, KWS leads in the development of energy crops, and remains the only breeder with dedicated programmes, spanning energy maize, beet, and wholecrop cereals.

Our work – and that of our business partners - has confirmed that the highest methane yields come from crops with a high dry matter yield potential.

To find more info, please download our newly released ‘Biogas in Practice’ brochure (below).




Energy Beet Varieties

Energy Beet Use
BERETTA Biogas and Livestock A season-long performer
CINDY KWS Biogas and Livestock For low dirt tares
GERTY KWS Biogas and Livestock The consistent performer
LINOVA KWS Biogas and Livestock The next generation

Energy Maize Varieties

Energy Maize FAO Use
AUTENS KWS 170 Short Season/Late Drilling
SEVERUS 170 Short Season/Late Drilling
AURELIUS KWS 180 Short Season/Late Drilling
AMAVERDE *NEW* 220 Energy
AMBROSINI 220 Energy
COLISEE 220 Energy
FABREGAS 220 Energy
AMAGRANO *NEW* 230 Energy
PERINIO KWS 260 Energy

Hybrid Rye Varieties

Hybrid Rye Use
KWS BONO Hybrid Rye for Biogas
KWS DANIELLO Hybrid Rye for Biogas
KWS MAGNIFICO Hybrid Rye for Biogas
KWS PROGAS Hybrid Rye for Biogas

Energy Crop Resources

  • Rye calculator 2016 [xls | 37.83 MB] xls Download
  • Cropping For Biogas 2015 [pdf | 2.34 MB] pdf Download
  • Hybrid Rye Results 2014 [pdf | 0.81 MB] pdf Download
  • Energybeet Variety Leaflet 2016 [pdf | 1.02 MB] pdf Download
  • Crop Production Magazine - KWS Energy Maize Article (2010) [pdf | 0.52 MB] pdf Download
  • Hybrid Rye Forage Trial Results 2016 [pdf | 2.06 MB] pdf Download
  • Farmers Weekly - KWS Energy Beet (2010) [pdf | 2.26 MB] pdf Download
  • CPM Energy Pioneers Supplement (2014) [pdf | 2.61 MB] pdf Download