New Two-Row Barley Offers Hybrid Equivalent Yield

December 2012

With a treated yield of 107%, KWS Glacier becomes the highest yielding two-row winter barley on the 2013/14 HGCA Recommended List.

A big, bold-grained type in the mould of KWS Cassia, it is some 2% higher yielding than previous 2-row front runner, Retriever.

However, where KWS Glacier really stands out is on heavy land and in the Eastern Region.† ††Indeed, on heavy land it sets new standards for barley yields with an unbeatable 111% yield, 2% ahead of Volume.

According to KWS UK barley breeder, David Harrap, the breakthrough yield in KWS Glacier has come from combining the vigour and tillering capacity of Retriever with the bold grained nature of current on farm favourite KWS Cassia.

“Retriever is a strong growing barley and one that does well in stressful conditions.† However, it often fails to deliver a decent sample simply as a result of being unable to fill the high number of grains on the large number of tillers it produces,” he says.

“So, by crossing it with the likes of KWS Cassia a variety that has a strong finish and excellent grain-fill - we have managed to combine the best of both sets of parent characteristics in KWS Glacier.

KWS Glacier has a strong specific weight of 69.9kg/hl, just behind current two-row favourite, KWS Cassia.†

KWS Glacier has a 7 for yellow rust and 6’s for all other diseases with the exception of a 4 for mildew.† It is BaYMV resistant.

“Coming to the market at a time of high prices, KWS Glacier, with its exceptional performance and agronomic characteristics could just reenergise interest in barley as a high yielding alternative to second wheats, particularly as an early entry for oilseed rape,” says Mr Harrap.