Introducing KWS UK

KWS UK Ltd at Thriplow
KWS UK Ltd at Thriplow

With headquarters at Thriplow near Cambridge and a staff of 60, we have been dedicated to providing growers with innovative new varieties to meet increasingly demanding end-market needs for over 25 years.

Higher yields, superior disease and pest resistance and improved performance in adverse conditions, are all key criteria we seek to establish in our variety introductions.

Originally formed in 1995 as a result of the merger of Cambridge Plant Breeders and Twyford Seeds, CPB Twyford was acquired by a European consortium of plant breeding specialists in 1996.

In 2005, the company became a wholly owned subsidiary of the German based Lochow Petkus Group and a full member of the KWS Group of companies. The Company now markets varieties of cereals, sugar beet, oilseeds and maize and in February 2008 the company was renamed KWS UK to bring all of these products under a single KWS banner.

This most recent move – branding CPB Twyford as KWS UK – has provided a clear focus and a united strength of purpose. It brings operational synergies, ensuring improved consistency in crop performance that benefits all, especially our merchant, farmer and ultimately end-user customers.

KWS is one of the leading EU maize, sugar beet and cereal breeders and operates throughout†70 different countries worldwide. Indeed, the KWS Group has a seeds turnover of €750 million and employs more than†3,500 people.

This parentage provides KWS UK with stability and independence as well as access to a wide gene pool and advanced breeding technologies. It also helps the UK operation develop further strong European links with the KWS Group, and other breeders for whom KWS UK acts as a route to the UK market.

Growers anywhere across Europe, can be assured that whatever KWS UK cereal, sugar beet, oilseed or maize variety they select, it has been developed using the same professional competences applied across all our breeding teams. A variety that is one of the most reliable, innovative and market-leading selections available, tailored and tested for the conditions and regions they farm.