Spring Wheat

Spring Wheat Information

KWS UK has enjoyed considerable success in introducing specialist wheats – including spring types that suit late-autumn and winter drilling.

Zircon is our specialist white floured wheat. In a category of its own on the UK Recommended List, it suits golden wholemeal type grists as well as biscuit, pastry and noodle production.

Spring Wheat Products

Variety Description
Ashby High Yielding Group 2 Spring Wheat
Belvoir Very High Yielding Group 4
Granary High Yielding Spring Sown Spring Wheat
KWS Alderon High Yielding Spring Wheat
KWS Willow High Yielding Group 2 Spring Wheat
Zircon White Breadmaking Wheat

The Spring Wheat Revival – Our New Guide

On the back of significant plant breeding progress, spring wheat is starting to prove its worth in the modern arable rotation, bringing flexibility in drilling date from late autumn through to April.

With this in mind we have produced a guide looking at the performance and management of spring wheat. It also examines how to maximise returns across the rotation and gives variety profiles.

You can download a copy of the guide as a PDF here …..