Barley Portfolio

KWS UK is renowned for the breeding of high yielding, bold-grained two-row feed barley. The extensive portfolio includes the most widely grown two rows in the UK. KWS UK also test and market other barley varieties from the KWS Group, these include six-row feed types and two-row malting types.

Winter Barley Products

Variety Description
Daxor Highest yielding conventional six-row
Escadre Commanding six-row Yields
KWS Cassia Ever popular Winter Barley
KWS Glacier Clearly a better yield!
KWS Infinity Highest yielding 2-row
KWS Meridian High yielding conventional six-row
KWS Orwell Strong disease package
KWS Rose First Null-lox winter variety
KWS Tower Towering Yields
Saffron High Yields of Bold Grain

Spring Barley Products

Variety Description
KWS Irina Very high yielding spring barley

Winter Barley Booklet

  • Winter Barley Maximising Margins Booklet [pdf|3.69MB] pdfDownload