Oilseed Rape

Oilseed Rape Information

KWS UK’s team actively selects, tests, and markets varieties bred by a number of different national teams and cooperative partners from across the EU.

We have a long history of new variety introduction going back to Apache, and have been at the forefront in new developments in oilseeds, including Clubroot resistance as in Mendel, High Erucic Acid Rapes and of course hybrid varieties.

From early hybrid introductions such as Synergy to later types based on OGURA and MSL systems, KWS UK has continued to provide growers not only with superior products, but also with agronomic advice on how to maximise the potential which hybrids can offer.

We continue our efforts to bring growers both open pollinating (e.g. Quartz) and hybrid types and have significant UK based breeding, selection and testing activities to support this as part of the European KWS OSR breeding team.

Oilseed Rape Products

Variety Description
Barbados Highest seed yield of any North candidate
Campus The seed with speed!
Charger Short, stiff AND incredible yields. Unbelievable but true
Cuillin LLS Resistant Choice for Northern Britain
Dragster (MH-06-DV-049)
Eraton High Yielding Hybrid HEAR
Gardenia Consistent reliable performance with decent oil content
Palmedor Most widely grown HEAR variety
Picto Highest gross output recommended conventional variety for E/W
Quartz Squeeze the most out of your OSR
Rhino Tough enough to cope
Rivalda High yielding conventional OSR