Sugar Beet

Welcome to KWS UK’s sugarbeet variety information.  Please feel free to browse our variety information and we hope the information is useful for you.

KWS has the highest yielding variety in the UK, Sabatina KWS which carries no real weakness for UK conditions.  Partnering this is Salamanca KWS and Tasmania KWS.  Two very high yielding varieties that work well as partner varieties to Sabatina KWS

In addition KWS has two new BCN tolerant varieties, Leesha KWS and Tabatha KWS which bring a significant leap forward in yields for BCN varieties.

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Rhizomania Variety List

Variety Description
SALAMANCA KWS Top performance from a Top variety
TASMANIA KWS Growing massive yields

AYPR Rhizomania Variety List

Variety Description
SANDRA KWS For the strongest rhizo resistance

Beet Cyst Nematode Tolerant Variety List

Variety Description
LEESHA KWS Sweet and strong against nematodes
TABATHA KWS High yields with and without nematodes

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