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Multiplication Plots at Thriplow
Multiplication Plots at Thriplow

Strong programmes in wheat and barley are complemented by our European partners’ varieties in sugar beet, oilseeds, maize and oats. Our own or agency varieties feature on every cereal crop Recommended List in the UK.

Selection of new varieties is based on traditional pedigree systems supplemented with single seed descent and other rapid breeding systems followed by extensive yield evaluation programmes.

The company’s success centres around the rapid development and evaluation systems for new cereal lines resulting in entry to official trials in five years or less. The fundamental objective of all the cereal programmes is to increase yield within a particular market segment, with as much natural resistance to diseases and environmental stress as possible.

Crop varieties are required for both animal feed and human consumption and considerable resources are directed at selection for appropriate quality characters. We were the first breeder to develop and commercialise a cereal variety with one specific end user in mind, in this case a breadmaking wheat - Shiraz. The company has continued to work closely with end users to develop agronomically desirable varieties which match industry’s requirements, and more recently this has led to industry support for the bread making wheat Cordiale.