Biogas - Hybrid Rye

Key advantages as a biogas (AD) feedstock:

  • High yield potential (35 – 50 t/ha freshweight)
  • DM content (30 – 40%)
  • Universal soil type and geographic potential
  • Spreads storage (clamp) utilisation and harvest workload
  • Ideal co-feedstock - comparable biogas yield / FM tonne to maize silage (200 cu/m3)

Agronomic advantages of hybrid rye:

  • Extreme winter hardiness and frost resistance
  • Aggressive tillering capacity
  • Drought tolerance – ideal for sandy soils
  • Blackgrass suppression – via light reduction in the canopy
  • Extends crop rotation
  • Very high take-all tolerance – ideal as a second cereal
  • Minimal ergot risk – via PollenPlusģ

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