Rhizomania is a plant disease of the Chenopodiaceae family caused by the development of a virus called BNYVV (Beet Necrotic Yellow Vein Virus), which is introduced and transmitted by the soil fungus Polymyxa betae.

Rhizomania is a virus disease which may cause heavy losses in yield and quality.


  • Patchy yellowing of beet leaves in the field

  • Long petioles, narrow leaf blade

  • Stunting and development of a root beard

  • Browning of the vascular bundle rings after cutting

Additional characteristic

  • Increased sodium content

  • Reduced sugar content

  • Reduced amino-nitrogen content

  • Yield loss

Evidence of the disease: ELISA test in the laboratory

A chemical control of Rhizomania is not possible, the only useful measure at present is the growing of† tolerant varieties. A permanent solution to the problem of controlling Rhizomania can only be obtained by resistance breeding and may be achieved by genetic engineering.

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