The next generation

  • Very high DM yields
  • The highest yielding variety
  • Low dirt tares

LINOVA KWS is the first variety of the new generation. Our breeding programme is designed to bring high dry matter yields which in turn bring high gas yields per ha. Where the biogas operator wants high DM content, high yields and low dirt tare then LINOVA KWS can offer it all.


Additional product information:

  • Tolerant to Rhizomania
  • Packaging unit: 100,000 seeds
  • Seed technology for rapid germination: Early Plant Development (EPD)
  • Available with Cruiser Force treatment

Energy Beet Variety List

Energy Beet Use
BERETTA A season-long performer Biogas and Livestock
CINDY KWS For low dirt tares Biogas and Livestock
GERTY KWS The consistent performer Biogas and Livestock
LINOVA KWS The next generation Biogas and Livestock