KWS Irina

  • High yielding spring malting barley with full MBC approval for brewing
  • Major variety in the European export market
  • CBMO approved
  • Stiffest straw and best brackling score on the RL
  • Exceptional yields offering excellent gross margin potential
  • No agronomic weakness

    Ideal variety for new spring barley growers on non-traditional spring barley land. KWS Irina is an exciting pan-European malting barley with wide acceptance in both the UK and European markets. KWS Irina combines low screenings, excellent agronomy, yield and end use potential.

    KWS Irina has a strong performance in the field offering growers high yields and a good all round agronomic package. It is high tillering, has mid to early maturity, no significant disease weaknesses and very good lodging resistance.

    KWS Irina Datasheet 2018

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