KWS Sassy

High yields of quality grain for brewing and distilling

  • High yields with exceptional performance in the North
  • Non-GN variety offering excellent opportunities in distilling markets
  • Undergoing IBD macro malt tests for distilling
  • Excellent hot water extract and low grain nitrogen
  • Lowest screenings of any malt distilling variety

KWS Sassy is a non GN producing, spring malting barley, which has strong potential to serve the UK distilling market. With high yields in the North, it is set to become a favourite for the Northern farmer. Like its parent, Concerto, KWS Sassy will respond well to a full PGR programme. KWS Sassy is currently undergoing tests for IBD approval for distilling, with results expected in May 2017.

KWS Sassy Data sheet 2017

Product Information